Here are answer all of your potential questions, you can always contact us in case of additional queries:

What is Taleemo?

Taleemo.com is an emerging learning platform – aiming to teach courses that can help learners to improve soft and technical skills. Taleemo is expanding rapidly across the globe.

How Taleemo is different than other platforms and training providers?

Taleemo uses advanced technology to make it super easy for learners to access courses, enhance skills and get certificates – Anytime & from Anywhere. Our instructors are industry experts with wealth of experience and ready to inspire learners. Our focus is to offer relevant, modern training programs which transform behaviours and expertise. Taleemo also has the ability to connect employers directly to talented learners that have the potential to work for them. Corporate and private employers, HR companies, government and non-government organizations, other talent acquisition and talent growth structures can fund and create courses, establish scholarships and other rewards targeting specific topics and areas of study. Employers can acquire students, according to their needs. The students, on the other hand, enroll in our courses as future employees, gain skills and knowledge and eventually get a job at the course sponsor.

How much does it cost to take courses on Taleemo?

Taleemo offers many basic courses are free. However, premium & advanced courses are paid. Price does vary course to course but we always try to keep it affordable. To get the best price you can get monthly and/or annual membership to access unlimited courses. You can also bundle courses to get discounts.

What is the payment process to buy a course?

Learners or sponsors can pay via:

  • Bank transfer
  • EasyPaisa / JazzCash
  • Debit/credit cards

Are the courses membership based or learners need to pay for each course they wish to take?

Currently, we’re offering paid & free courses. You need to buy each course individually. Should you desire to continue your learning journey with Taleemo, please contact us for memberships, bundling options & alternatives to purchasing each course separately.

How Taleemo ensures that learners attend and learn online courses?

Learners will be required to attend complete course(s), attempt quizzes and pass assignments of each course to get completion certificate.

In which languages courses are available?

Courses on Taleemo are available on various languages and we are striving to bring content and regional and national languages to cater maximum audience. Currently, courses are available in English, Urdu.

What kind of courses are offered on Taleemo?

We offer a wide range of programs and courses which are helpful to attain certificate and diploma. Areas of courses are Business, Management, Technology, Sales, Marketing, Designing & Creativity, Accounting, Behavioral/Soft Skills, Social etc.

Is Taleemo platform also suitable to teach children and teenagers?

Our courses are for everyone, We encourage to attend behavioral skills courses from early age. Use of the platform and access to the online content and courses by anyone required good knowledge of computer and technology.

How students will get course completion certificate?

Online (e-copy) certficates are issued upon successful completion of course(s). If hard-copy is required, learners may request for such arrangements.

Can someone become Taleemo’s ambassador?

We always encourage community participation! Feel free to write/create video content or use other means of spreading the word about Taleemo. If you create anything Taleemo related, show us to review, and we’ll make sure to share this with the rest of the community! Contact info@localhost if you have any questions.

Is Taleemo a registered organization?

Yes, Taleemo is a registered business in the country. We are working on our affiliations and partnerships with many local and international education & professional bodies to offer top-notch experience to our learners.

How can someone become Taleemo’s instructor?

If you have knowledge, expertise and desire to teach anything, we encourage you to reach to us via hr@localhost

How to teach through Taleemo?

Teaching with Taleemo is a simple 4-steps process:

  • Identify the area of your expertise and topic of course
  • Share your interest with Taleemo by emailing us
  • Get in front of camera to record lecture (even mobile phone camera can work)
  • Send your recording to us or directly upload on the portal

What assistance is offered to instructors?

Taleemo team helps new instructors to conceive topics, design course, record and upload. We are available to offer complete assistance wherever is required.

How to become Taleemo’s Partner?

If you have a business offer and want to form a partnership with Taleemo, please send the full proposal to info@localhost and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

What are social media channels of Taleemo?

LinkedIn:        Taleemo

Facebook:      1Taleemo

Twitter:           1Taleemo

YouTube:        Taleemo

Instagram:      1Taleemo

Where and how the announcements and updates will be made?

Please follow Taleemo’s social media and News/Blogs section for all announcements. We also post regular short updates on the Taleemo’s WhatsApp group.

Didn’t find the answer?

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