Here are some top mistakes job seekers make but you should not, in order to land your next job successfully: 

Not organized

They are not organized and they don’t one dedicated email just for their job search.They don’t have a file folder on their desktop just for their job search and they don’t have one master resume that they are working to create all of their other resumes from.You need to be organized in your job search especially when you are networking and have multiple leads and irons in the fire in terms of applications as well.

Not communicate 

They don’t communicate as effectively as they could and they don’t know how to do you  set up an informational interview how do you follow up correctly froman interview and leaves the door open for follow up and more continued conversation so jobseekers also don’t take the time to learn how to effectively communicate during their job search.


They think it’s all about them and not about the employer when you go into an interview you need to be prepared to explain to them why you are the beat candidate and sync from their prospective.Put yourself in their shoes what is it they need what is it they are looking for and are you the right person for that and know how to sell yourself as that person is that’s the case.

Big companies

So a lot of times we all tend to look at the large corporations the big companies in our town because that’s what we know.You shouldn’t look at them but don’t only look at them.Start doing some research on what are some of the smaller companies in your area that you could possibly work for or just be open that if somebody meets you and says that i have a friend who works at this kind of smaller company you might be a good fit for it just go to have the conversation like see what they are about.Lot of times that some of the smaller companies you actually can get paid better than at the larger companies.You also might get more experience be over more get to manage more take more ownership and responsibility.

Posting your resume on job boards

Posting your resume on job boards like indeed and then expecting the recruiters and the hiring managers to just come to you they are not going to flock to you all.Recruiters are not always going into those places and looking Linkedin is a different matter post your resume on linkedin, fill out your linkedin profile to the utmost so that they can get a great picture of who you are.

Lack of preparation

Lack of preparation whether it’s the physical preparation or psychological preparation if you want to change a job or if you want to go to a new city,country,role or industry first of all you have to make yourself ready mentally that you want to do this and you are going to have a change and the second thing is about the physical preparation doing some homework research about the industry,trends,roles or company which you are thinking could be best fit for your interest preparation of your CV preparation of your linkedin profile and keeping all this information on online and offline your Seavey’s align.It should be similar and not be different from each other and also to prepare for the interview people lck about it they don’t really work on it or they have to prepare for the interview.