Linkedin is a social networking site that is geared towards professional connections founded in 2002.Linkedin is a place for professionals to connect with past and current colleagues, increase their business connections and search for new jobs and employees.When it comes to building professional relationships,expanding your networks and finding more career opportunities linkedin is the best source online.In fact linkedin is the biggest social networking platform for professionals with over 675 million users. 

Uses of linkedin for students

The following are the few uses of linkedin for students

Upload a profile picture

One of the best things you do for your career success is create a Linkedin profile.Some social media experts are recommending high school seniors to create a detailed profile.They say that this actually helps with admission into college.If you are a high school senior,you are a recent grad or you are still a student make sure you avoid statements like actively seeking work or recent graduate looking for career opportunities.Rather make statements like branding specialist,seeking marketing internship or honor students seeking marketing position  or economics major and aspiring financial analyst.

Add content to your profile page

Think about what you would put on your college applications.Any paid positions,if you had a part-time job already,internships,any volunteering,service learning,club activities,sports,talents or any other extra co-curricular activities.You just want to focus on things that you are proud of.You should  have someone else look at your profile after you are done filling it out.

Ask for endorsements and recommendations

The most important thing is the section for endorsements and recommendations.You could talk about yourself all you want.We can take your word for it. When else speaks for you that just goes so much further.You definitely want to get those recommendations and endorsements from your seniors before you graduate.Ask someone who has a professional career and they will give feedback.Whenever you are applying for anything and your linkedin profile is all updated.Make sure that you include the link to your linkedin profile on your resume,on your college applications.

To prove your dedication

Having a linkedin account as a student proves that you are dedicated to pursuing a career.By being specific in your summary and connecting with people in the field that you’d like to end up in,you prove that you are putting in the time and effort required to succeed in your chosen career.

To get job alerts

While linkedin is about much more than just searching for jobs,it is still incredibly useful when it comes to finding your next positions  which makes linkedin particularly useful for can program linkedin to send you job alerts for certain companies,industries or specific job titles so that you will never miss out on a great opportunity.