The following are the lessons we learn from failure and hardships.


Failure is all about mindset.Every time you fail you are getting new information about something that does not work so treat every failure as a gift of knowledge because we learn more from our failures than we ever learn from our successes and if you reflect on your career to date you’ll probably realize that’s true.If you are not failing you are not innovating because if you always succeed chances are you are just repeating a standard formula for success that you have used time and time again and that means you are not developing,you are not growing  or you are not progressing.  

Sign of Progress

Failure is the sign of progress.This is the origin of the fail-fast approach to business and entrepreneurialism.It sees failure as a sign of creativity and innovation and the idea of failing fast is to make sure that as soon as you failed you learn your lessons and you innovate again to put right the sources of failure the last time. 

Shines light on your weakness

Failure shines a light on your weakness.You failed because something didn’t go right,something didn’t go as planned,you simply weren’t enough at this enough at this point to make it happen.Once the event is over and you understand that you have indeed failed,you can take a step back and look at what happened.


With a failure on your belt,you are left only with yourself.You have to get yourself going once again and never underestimate just how powerful the ability to self-motivate is.It is the one thing that can make or break an individual.It’s a lot harder than you think and we have a massive amount of respect for everyone who’s been able to consistently perform well because it takes so much strength to keep pushing yourself like this even when you don’t feel like it.


Creativity comes from the lack of resources.When you have everything at your disposal,you want to play it safe because that’s probably your best option.When you don’t have much,creativity is your only option and that’s what failure does.It forces you to dig within yourself and pull out every drop of creative juice that will somehow get you going again.That’s why artist who are in pain make  the best music,paint the best paintings and deliver their best work.


We get it,you’ve had a couple of wins under your belt and now you feel like you are the king of the world.Enjoy success but don’t lose yourself in it.That’s where failure comes in.It reminds you that there’s more out there to be conquered and about our limitations.The more humble you can be despite your success,the more respect you earn from everybody else and failure is what drives that humility.