Exams are part and parcel of life.Exams anxiety is a combination of physiological tension and somatic symptoms along with worry,dread,fear of a failure that occurred before or during exam situations while it’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous for an exam.Anxiety disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors including genetics,brain chemistry,personality and life events.

Causes of exam anxiety

According to the anxiety and depression association of America causes of exam anxiety are 

  • Fear of failure 

  • Lack of adequate preparation time 

  • Bad experiences of taking exams in the past

Tips to handle exams fear or anxiety

The following are the tips to handle fear or anxiety

Prepare Yourself

Many students keep things until the last minute they keep saying that i will do it tomorrow and the sad part is that tomorrow just never comes.The entire syllabus gets piled up then you sstudy night and day but it is too much load for your brain.Prepare yourself right from the start,fix the timings and study regularly.Make your own notes and revise things.

Eat Well

Before the exams want to make sure that you eat well.Skip the junk food and nourish your body and brain with healthy food not just a day of the exam but always.Eat a nutritious sustaining breakfast on exam day and avoid high sugar foods.Always eat healthy food because a healthy body keeps a healthy mind.

Get Good Rest

Get enough sleep on a regular basis not just the night before an exam.Sleep is directly related to academic performance and can soothe anxiety.An adequate amount will help you operate at a hundred percent on exam day so it’s important to get enough sleep to perform best in exams.

Don’t Fear Failure

When we are doing something challenging we  can often fear failure and that leads to stress but it is important to remember there’s multiple pathways to success and one of any failure does not define your life.

Arrive Early

On the exam day you want to make sure that you arrive early.You want to avoid add in de-stress by running into the classroom at the last minute to allow  some time to get seated,to get organized and take a few deep breaths before the instructors start passing out the papers.

Use good test taking skills

Read the directions carefully,budget your time and work at a comfortable pace but also keep an eye on the clock so you don’t run out of time.It is a good idea to answer easier questions first and then return to the skip ones and also stay focused and recheck your answers that there is time.

Don’t overthink

When we are stressed we tend to think about the bad things over and over and what’s that’s doing is actually telling your body that you are under threat.It is important to distract yourself to think about something positive and to take control of your thoughts.

Understand how you like to work

A really good way to reduce exam stress is to be prepared,make a really good study schedule,work out whether you like to study alone or with friends,eat well,drink lots of water,sleep well,preparation really helps reduce our sense of threat before the event.


Normal to feel stressed

Whenever you do something that is challenging ,feeling of stress are showing you that it’s just something that’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone so those uncomfortable feelings are normal that everybody else feels them and they are not a flag to say stop what you are doing and retreat they are a flag to to say that you are growing to grow and learn and be a better person at the end of it so push through those feelings.

Keep moving

Everyone knows that aerobic exercise has a lot of benefits including clearing the mind and decreasing stress levels and also engaging in some relaxation techniques, try deep breathing,tensing and relaxing different muscle groups, mindfulness of work,meditation,positive self talk or even some yoga.