Your mindset can simultaneously be what motivates you to action as it could be what keeps you stuck in procrastination.Your mindset is often what stands between success and repeated failure according to its definition a mindset is a set of assumptions,methods or notations held by an individual or groups of people.

Mind what you tell yourself 

What we tell ourselves should always be observed because after telling ourselves something over and over again.It’s only  natural to end up believing what is said either partially or in full it is important to grasp that’s speaking things into existence also applies to the things that you say to and about yourself.We are often our own biggest critics many of us have tendencies to belittle ourselves by saying subtly demeaning things such as this is impossible.It is important to understand that our thoughts become our words.Our words become our actions our actions build our character and our character becomes reality our mindsets are heavily influenced by the things we tell ourselves therefore replacing negative cues with positive ones.

Shift your motivation

A great way to change your mindset is to change your reason for doing things shifting your motivation for doing things can influence what you reap from the actions.As a wise man once said “It’s not about the choices that you make,it’s about what you make of those choices.”Sometimes we want to succeed at something so bad but the reason we want to succeed may be completely in vain therefore the acts we take to get there reflect their reality.This will imply that changing the reasons that you are doing something will change how you go about accomplishing that very thing.Changing the motivation behind your actions can make all the difference in the results that it will produce.

View challenges as opportunities

We are constantly faced with important decisions such as whether to accept a new job or signing up to take a new class taking on these challenges is a big part of developing as a person.The more we challenge we challenge ourselves the more opportunities we have to learn about what makes us tick simply put new challenges equal new opportunities so to develop that growth mindset look for different ways to challenge yourself and learn new things.

Learn from the mistakes of others 

You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people but when you see someone make a mistake keep it in mind for the future when you are in the similar situation.Pretend that it was you making the mistake and ask yourself how can i apply this hard lesson to my life.

Set a new goal

Success is an ongoing process. Growth minded people are constantly creating new goals so they can stay motivated in their professional and personal projects.Personal growth is never finished as there’s always another goal to reach or other interesting projects to tackle.