Social media managers help businesses grow their online communities.This often includes writing posts and making graphics also called creating content,scheduling posts,replying to comments or private messages from fans and maybe even running ads.

Tips to become social media manager

The following are the tips to become social media manager 

Choose your niche

As somebody who is interested in social media then you no doubt are totally aware of the importance of having a niche.We cannot be everything to everyone and as you probably know that there are tons of social media managers out there so it is important that you can communicate clearly to your ideal customer who you want to work with.Now you are worried  about how i can get work or clients the thing what you want to do is choose a niche that you can start marketing to and if people come to you who are outside of that knees your are your ideal customer you can still make the decision to work with them especially in beginning when you are trying to get experienced and build up your income but if you don’t choose an ideal customer you are not going to be able to come up with a good marketing strategy to eventually in the long term bring in the kind of people that you want to work maybe you want to work with restaurants,local stores or E-commerce business.

Market yourself

You need to create your own social media presence.Your own content is your best portfolio piece because it’s what every single one of your clients is inevitably going to see if they research your work and want to reach out to you now you don’t need to have a million followers but you do need to have really effective and engaging content that looks professional.If someone is going to hire you to make something for them that they want to see that you can make really good stuff and it’s already on your profile because that’s an example of your beat work and if you don’t have a good profile it is not going to give someone a great  impression of the work.

Establish processes 

This really is everything from your pricing you got to determine what type of salary you’re looking for if you are looking for a day job you have to determine your hourly end or package rate if you are a freelancer.Pricing is definitely a part of the process but you also want to figure out your SOP especially if you are a freelancer or want to be determine you know what the process is when you get a client how you are going to onboard them or how you are getting get them acclimated to the tools and the software that you use and how to set your strategy so do research on social media strategies,onboarding or client onboarding stuff.

Find a Job or Clients

Getting clients is an important part of any business.It’s kind of like how you make money.There is so many different ways to find clients online and in real life and we’ll cover a few but there is one non-negotiable.You have to tell people what you are doing you have to make sure that your friends and family know that you are social media manager because they are a great source of referrals for you.When you  network in Facebook groups or in linkedin show up as the social media expert you are.Put all of your newfound skills to use on you.Optimize your social media profiles to reflect your new business title and give them an easy way to reach out to you.If they want to explore working together.Consider going to in-person networking events and show up as a confident social media manager with a genuine interest in everyone else’s business.Just like social media management networking is all about building relationships.