Certified Web Developer

This course gives you all the necessary skills to call yourself a web developer.All the best technologies are covered in this certification with all the important details one would need to know.This one is a back breaker but you can always paste it out.There are 46 lectures with over 12 hours of content.Some of the technologies that will be covered in this course are

  • HTML and css

  • Javascript and Jquery

  • XML,JSON and Ajax 

  • PHP and MySQL

  • Yii

This course will add a lot of weightage to your resume as this skill is almost always in demand.

Social Media Marketing 

2020-2021 has increased the importance of social media in our lives by a hundred times over.Social media marketing is extremely important as many of us are spending a lot of time on social media and marketers need to be wherever the crowd is so no matter what field you are in you need to do this certification while it’s free apart from your resume.It will also help you build your personal brand.This course will enable you to create an in-depth marketing plan for your business or brand.It’s another quickie with 26 lectures of 4.2 hours to be exact.This course will cover

  • What is Social Media Marketing

  • All about your target audience 

  • Sharing content on social media 

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of social media 

  • Different tools used for managing social media 

  • Social media and other types of marketing

Cloud Computing 

We can all agree that cloud computing is taking over the digital infrastructure of a lot of companies.It’s unique paradigm has brought about a lot of new opportunities for developers and if you are interested in this technology this is a great quick beginners course for a quick dive into cloud computing.It has nine compact lecture with over 2 hours of content.Projects will be covering in this course are 

  • Introduction to the cloud computing

  • Linux and cloud operating system

  • Service models(SaaS)

  • Amazon AWS EC2

  • Red hat open shift

  • Google cloud compute

  • Virtualization architecture and examples

Project Management Professional   

Project management is one of the best certifications for project managers.It is the most important industry-recognized certification.It is a significant advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential.Presently more than 100000 aspirants have pmp certification.According to the project management institute 25% of certified pmps earn more than non-certified pmps.These prerequisites you must have before you apply for the examination 

  • Need to have a four year degree

  • Three years in leading the projects 

  • 35 hours of project management education

Pay scale says that the average salary of a project manager is about 107,302 dollars.

Certified Agile Leadership 

CAL certification acts as a major differentiator for enterprises looking to drive agile transformation.It is the stepping stone for anyone who wants to learn about the agile world which is why certified agile leadership courses are in high demand by individuals and enterprises worldwide that are looking to navigate agile transformation with a focus on the people and mindsets necessary to shift the culture.These prerequisites you must have 

You need to attend eight hours of live instruction(per CAL module essentials for teams and organizations) with a certified agile coach or certified scrum trainer and successfully complete the associated learning objectives.The average salary for  jobs requiring agile leadership is 120,884 dollars.


Devops is a relatively new approach in software delivery and deployment.Devops makes it easier for companies to create,deliver, deploy,complex software projects on  a variety of platforms and infrastructures.As companies adapt aws they need aws devops experts.AWS certified devops engineer certification validates skills related to continuous delivery,deployment,monitoring,security and governance related to AWS.Amazon recommends the professional version of this certification to those who have at least 2 years of experience in provisioning,operating and ,managing aws environments.The average salary of this certification is 121,000 dollars.

Google Certified Cloud Architect

Google cloud platforms popularity is rising because of its pricing and the level of flexibility it offers as compared to its competitors like aws and azure.In the third quarter google cloud revenue jumped 45%  to reavh 3.44 billion dollars as the platform grows companies need google cloud architects to design and develop robust cloud solutions.It will validates your skills in design,management and deployment of robust cloud solutions.Google recommends having over three years industry experience in this certification.The average salary of this certification is 135,000 dollars.

Certified Information Security Manager 

Certified information security manager is offered by the information systems audit and control association or isaca an international professional association focused on IT governance.CISM is an advanced certification designed for those who want to take their information security career to the next level.The certification involves four key areas information security management,information risk management and compliance,incident management and information security program development and compliance. To be eligible for CISM you must have at least five years of experience in information security management.Companies hire individuals with CISM for a variety of roles including information security officer or director,security architect or consultant.The average salary for this certification is 126,747 dollars.  

AWS Solution Architect

The AWS solution architect certification validates your skills in the design,development and deployment of efficient scalable cost effective and fault-tolerant systems using amazon’s cloud platform.An AWS solutions architect helps companies design and develop complex aws solutions to solve problems.Amazon offers this certification at both the associate and professional levels basic understanding of cloud computing,IT, data storage and programming concepts is recommended before attempting this certification.The average salary of this certification is 113,585 dollars.

E-commerce website with prestashop 

With prestashop a free robust and reliable software you don’t actually need to write a single line of code in order to build your e-commerce website .If you have just started a small business and are looking to self-sufficiently expand onto  a website this is the course for you.It has 17 lectures with 4 hours of content which covers setting up your local environment,configuring prestashop on your device,back office tour etc.